Wild – the survival guide for celtic harpers


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On a joyful summer evening in Kerry, you find yourself captivated by the pub musicians launched into an epic session, seamlessly alternating between spirited reels and lively jigs. A pint of guinness in your right hand, you don’t dare to move from your seat.

You have your harp with you of course, but it remains concealed within its case. You don’t even know the tunes to begin with. With a little luck, you could catch a fragment of the melody for your right hand, although at this tempo it would be tricky. But the left is a different story… And that’s only if you find the right levers to lift. Besides, you would also like to sing, but… singing with your harp is for the pros!

Anyway. It seems impossible to you to play with others if you haven’t learned the piece in advance, and let’s not talk about improvising or accompanying! The harp is a serious instrument, not a wild instrument not to be haphazardly used anywhere!

Yet, you still dream of joining them…

What if it was possible ?

What if it wasn’t even that complicated?

So, before your mesmerised eyes and your enchanted ears, it’s there in your hands! ready to lead you off the well-trodden path and into the realm of uncharted musical adventures, it carries the scent of sea spray, campfires and evenings that stretch deep into the night:

The very first survival guide for wild harpers!

92 pages, 21×29,7cm, 10 video tutorials included.

Teachers, you can send me an email at morganofglencoe@gmail.com to make a group order and reduce the shipping cost!